No Noodles

Made it to Tokyo on a very old Delta 767 with no in seat entertainment system – only crappy movies on small monitors.  To add insult to injury a flight attendant randomly told me that they usually fly brand new 767s on this route and that he didn’t know why we had an old one.  There was an “equipment delay” in Atlanta that slightly delayed our flight so maybe that’s why we got an old plane.

Anyhow, the flight was fine.  Lots of podcasts and music instead of movies.  It’s great to be back in Tokyo – I wish our light rail made the same cute noises as every station in Tokyo.  And I wish we had vending machines on every corner that sold warm and cold coffee in cans.  We tried to eat a cheap noodles meal.  Option A was closed.  Option B required us to order on a touch screen kiosk that was pure Japanese (no English).  Every time we tried to order something we got an error message.  Of course we had no idea what the error message said.  Eventually we were frustrated enough to leave and settled on a sandwich shop followed by a visit to a 100 yen supermarket – their version of a dollar store.

Tomorrow we plan to visit my favorite Indian restaurant in the world – Moti – introduced to me by my friend Mike who lived in Tokyo.  I will order the Butter Chicken.  Then we are meeting up with Kyle’s friend Chihiro – Carrie and I met up with her when we were in Tokyo in 2009.  Hopefully she has a few things planned.

I’ve been up for around 26 straight hours and it’s now just passed midnight in Tokyo.  I should sleep well.