2 down, 15 to go…

Landed in Oakland via Seattle on Alaska Airlines.  First time flying Alaska and I’m impressed – the flight from MSP to SEA left the gate 15 minutes early and landed 37 minutes early (no planes ahead of us on take off or landing).  Fairly unprecedented – of course this only happens when I have a layover but I won’t complain.  Also fairly unprecedented was a move by the guy sitting ahead of me.  He reached behind his seat and closed the shade on my window.  Mind you his seat was completely ahead of the window.  I applaud his audaciousness and for that left the shade shut.

Can’t wait to see what kind of other audacious moves I encounter on this trip.  Maybe a stranger sitting next to me will put the armrest up.  That I would not tolerate.

After an uneventful flight from Seattle to Oakland went to a great ethnic restaurant in Alameda (Thai/Indian/Chinese) for dinner called Burma Superstar and then saw a show (Lia Rose) at a cool club called Bottom of the Hill.  It was located at the bottom of a hill.

Look forward to exploring SF tomorrow and flying to Tokyo on Saturday.  We are starting the morning by playing some basketball – walked up hills tonight to train.