Day 12

I’m on day 12 of my 34-day around-the-world trip.  So over 1/3 done.  4 cities visited and 8 to go.  I’m lucky to have a personal curator for my TiVo while I’m gone.  We have barely turned on a TV in 12 days…kind of nice.  Just glad that I saw the season finale of Girls before I left.

We leave for Mumbai this evening (Monday).  This is one of our 4 long flights and the only one that I was not able to book an exit row on in advance so hopefully I can get that taken care of at the airport.  Looking forward to watching a few movies – Korean Air has a fantastic entertainment system on their planes.

I just added two posts – Beijing and Seoul.  I also added lots of pictures on my various apps/sites.  Check them out here.  I wonder if the Gophers basketball team will have a coach when I get back and if the Twins will already be out of the playoff race….

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