Cherry Blossom Festival

It’s peak time for cherry blossom tree viewings and today we did a complete circle of inner Tokyo via the Yamanote line to explore the city, view cherry blossoms and eat the street food that goes with cherry blossom festivals.  Went back to Ueno Park (visited with Carrie in 2009) and also stopped at Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Yoyogi, Harajuku and Roppongi.  We met Kyle’s friend Chihiro and her fiance for dinner at my favorite Indian restaurant and I’m now taking advantage of the last unadulterated WiFi for a few days as we are heading to China (Beijing) tomorrow.  It will be interesting to see what they block.

I posted a punch of pics to Instagram, TripColor, Picasa and Foodspotting.  Enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Cherry Blossom Festival

  1. Two thoughts:

    1) the rubes back in flyover country are loving the posts
    2) the view off the condo deck in SF – AYFKM?!!

    • Thanks for the feedback – more posts on the way soon if everything goes as planned. As the only person to comment so far you are on a very special short list….

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